How Do You Know If Your HR Isn’t Working For Your Organisation?

Being a 30 year veteran of Human Resources (HR), I inherently know the value of the function and the role its superheroes can play.  

In my experience there are a number of key reasons why HR might not be working in your organisation:

  1. No clear people plan aligned to the business plan
  2. Lack of investment in the right resources to drive and implement the people plan – You haven’t got the right people in the right roles to deliver the value
  3. HR seen as a “cost centre” and not a strategic partner in the growth of the business
  4. Lack of CEO commitment – so just a tick in the box exercise
  5. Leaders not empowered or trained to actually do the people leadership stuff – so HR takes the brunt of this 
  6. No investment in systems or infrastructure 
  7. Not enough attention around key employee metrics or feedback 
  8. HR teams are the owners of culture when in fact, they are the facilitators along with leaders, CEO’s and all the policies, procedures, values, artifacts etc.
  9. Your leadership team meetings don’t reference your people and culture at all 

I could go on…but you get the drift. 

Oh and PS: If HR is not working in your business, then it’s up to your CEO to make it happen. 

So what should be the HR function’s role in your business? 

Great question, I’d love to answer that. 

In my humble opinion, your HR function should create great foundations across all areas of the employee lifecycle.  Their job is to ensure the business mitigates people risk by ensuring the right policies, procedures and training is in place. 

Once the great foundations are in place, it’s time to level up.  

By the way – your HR team will also be the coach, mentor, facilitator, counsellor, ear, problem solver, and go to, for people in your business.  

So what are some of the signs, you need an HR makeover?

Just a few things to think about:  

  • Got high employee turnover – where’s your plan to manage this and de-risk your critical players
  • Don’t know how your employees feel – then you need engagement data 
  • Not achieving goals – then your people need clear responsibilities and KPI’s and be held accountable. You might also have a leadership issue. 
  • Don’t have a performance management process then you need a Performance Management Program (yep that simple) – people want clarity, development and feedback
  • People managers don’t have the skills to do their jobs or drive performance – they need training and coaching. 
  • People not clear on the direction of the business – then create a communication plan to help them understand what it is and how they can help
  • Not clear on why someone should join your business – then you need an employee value proposition
  • Lack of clarity on what to do when there is a people, conflict, or performance issue – then it’s time to review and refresh your policies.  
  • Not talking about people or people issues at your leadership meetings – get it on the agenda. Develop a people dashboard and discuss it. 

Yep I get it, there is a lot on this list.  This is about having the absolute people essentials in your business.  Depending on where your business is at, then this might start to change the game. 

People are your business 

If you are thinking, why should I bother?  Then you are asking the wrong question.  All businesses are people businesses.  Your employees, leaders, customers, suppliers – all people.  

So maybe the question you should be asking is

What have I got and what do I need to take my business to the next level?  I’ll guarantee part of the answer is about your people and culture. 

What’s next? 

I truly believe in the power of great HR functions – I’ve seen it and I’ve created them.  Now we just need Boards, CEOs, and HR Leaders to build them.

If you know your HR function needs support and direction, I can help you with a complete Strategic HR Audit.

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