Leverage strengths in your team to build resilience and engagement!

As Dr Alex Linley says, “Strengths are so integral to our identity as individuals and as human beings. They are at the heart of what it takes to lead flourishing lives.” So what? As the research shows, when we use our strengths, we perform better and are more energised. The great side effects of this include higher engagement, higher resiljustin jefferson lsu jersey brock purdy jersey brock purdy jersey fsu jersey johnny manziel jersey justin jefferson lsu jersey deuce vaughn jersey fsu jersey penn state jersey kansas state football uniforms aiyuk jersey miami hurricanes jersey custom ohio state jersey miami hurricanes jersey fsu jersey ience, greater levels of wellbeing and thriving, and job satisfaction.

One of the fundamental tasks of a leader is to ensure activities are matched to the right individuals, making sure you have the right people in the right roles, doing their best work. When people understand their strengths and use them in their work, tasks seem less onerous and stressful. That does not mean less challenging.

Here are 5 ways to start thinking about how to leverage strengths in your team:

Step 1: Identify yours and your team member’s individual strengths.

  • When we know what our strengths are and how to leverage them, we are more likely to use them each day.
  • Use a Strengths profile tool – ensure you provide individual and a team report and share your strengths openly as a team.

Step 2: Make sure the work tasks and KPI’s match your team member’s strengths

  • Aligning yours and your team members strengths to work tasks or projects, will help create greater connection to the work, more commitment to completing the work and probably take less time.

Step 3: Provide opportunities to develop strengths

  • Focus on opportunities to increase use of strengths through projects or mentoring.

Step 4: Develop a shared language around strengths in your team

  • Celebrate strengths in action – we call it strength spotting.
  • Partner team members on projects – leverage the different strengths in your team.

Step 5: Recruit for strengths

  • Recruit with strengths in mind. This could help you balance the strengths in your team but also gives you greater insight as to how to manage and leverage the strengths of the new recruit.

When we develop people from a position of deficit (what they don’t have or need more of), it’s less energising. Focus on building on the strengths that you or your team already have because it will be quicker.

If you would like to know more about the Strengths Profiling tool or want to chat about the 5 steps, please reach out at

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