Outsourcing Program

Outsourcing Program

Client: APAC CFO for International IT Distribution Company


APAC business under significant pressures around margin and resourcing. Introduction of SAP ERP into business globally had been incredibly impactful and people in the business were experiencing high levels of change fatigue.




The Project

The project focused on the outsourcing of sales and finance operations to a partner based in Hyderabad, India over 28 months. The project included: process refinement, introduction of SAP into 9 Asian countries, disestablishment of roles across Asia Pacific and the establishment of a 120 person team in the Hyderabad office. Julie led the change, communications and HR strategy elements of the 18 months program supporting 11 countries across Asia Pacific.

Project Activities

Commencing the project in January, with launch 6 weeks later, Julie created the following:

  • HR strategy to ensure the people aspects of this change were handled sensitively, transparently and consistently, factoring the different employment and cultural differences between countries.
  • Creation of Change and Communication Strategy and plan to ensure maximum uptake from the business and minimum disruption to the customer or employees.
  • Creation of the program brand and all communication artefacts to support the principle of transparency.
  • Managed key risks and leadership challenges for program from a change and people perspective.
  • Significant operating cost out of the business.
  • Very transparent and supportive change management and HR process resulting in no loss of key personnel during the program.
  • Set the benchmark for how change should be managed moving forward in the business.
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