Sales Transformation

Sales Transformation

Client: Commercial Leader for a Large Australian Media Client


A media business partnered with McKinsey to re-shape their business model to create alignment to a changing market to help them stay relevant and profitable.

The Project

I was the OD Lead for the Sales Transformation element of the project and tasked with building capability to support new ways of working.

This program included: the implementation of Salesforce CRM; new value propositions for digital and traditional advertising solutions; new pricing and sizes of advertising; and movement to mobile Technology (IPAD). In addition, new sales funnel and forecasting disciplines and a focus on leaders driving coaching as a core performance and development tool.

Project Activities
  • Created a Neuroscience-led change readiness learning program for leaders and their people with Connie Henson of Learning Quest. Click here to find out more about Learning Quest 
  • Designed and implemented a new sales process captured in CRM (Salesforce)  for higher quality data, forecasting and decision-making.
  • Developed a Sales Capability Framework that was mapped to the Sales process.
  • Designed a 12 months Sales Leadership Program to increase coaching capability and to embed a selling culture.
  • Designed and implemented new sales tools including Account Planning and Territory planning.
  • Increased forecast accuracy.
  • Stronger capability and confidence to sell the value propositions and new pricing models to existing and new customers.
  • Increased sales leadership capability.
  • Utilization of CRM to better understand and capture client data.
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