“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

The Lemon Co Recipe:

All of our workshops and masterclasses are designed to support high-performing teams and businesses by building strengths, resilience and overall capability to lead.

When we work with clients, we’re always conscious of the context of the audience we are delivering to and tailor the content to the specific situation.

Additionally, the participants of our workshops and masterclasses, receive Playbooks to record their reflections and provide tools and resources to extend their knowledge.

Here’s how our programs work in 3 simple steps.


Contact us and share the area of your business you are looking for support and we’ll provide program recommendations.


Contact us and share the area of your business you are looking for support and we’ll provide program recommendations.


Using their acquired knowledge + Playbooks filled with reflections, your teams will be ready for action!

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Signature Programs

Leading with Strengths

A combination of personalised coaching, weekly group sessions and online modules, Leading With Strengths is designed to give you a custom plan to better understand and use your own Strengths, as well as learn how to help your Team play to their strengths.

Embrace ADHD

Through online learning, group coaching and 1:1 Strengths profiling, Embrace ADHD is a 12-week program to help you unlock your ADHD Strengths and start feeling empowered, confident and understood so you can flourish at work.


LEAD Wellbeing

LEAD Wellbeing is a 1-day workshop for Leaders who want to develop their wellbeing literacy, build their own wellbeing, and create a stronger environment where they can support their team members to thrive. In this workshop, we’ll define Wellbeing and provide a framework that underpins our discussion. You’ll do some reflection on your own wellbeing and resilience and create a plan to focus on building in the relevant areas for you.

Play to Your Strengths (Teams)

When leaders and team members know their strengths and can use these daily in their roles, they are more engaged, productive, and happier. This leads to greater levels of performance and resilience overall.

This program can be tailored depending on the Strength Profile Report selected.

Resilience & Wellbeing

This is a 3 x 3-hour workshop series that help leaders and individuals, reflect on their current levels of Wellbeing and Resilience. We use research-based strategies to help participants build their individual plans to increase their resilience.

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Masterclass Series

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6 Ways to Wellbeing (1.5 – 2 hours):

The goal of this workshop is to help participants become more intelligent and active
participants in shaping their wellbeing by normalising that both moments of struggle and
thriving shape our wellbeing.

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Boundaries (1-1.5 hours):

Setting boundaries and holding yourself and others accountable for them can be extremely
challenging. Getting clear on your values and boundaries and your non-negotiables is vital
for having positive and productive relationships at work or at home.

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How to Embrace Struggle (1-1.5 hours):

To struggle is human, it is how we learn and grow. But how we think about and react to the
struggles, challenges, and discomfort we face has a profound impact on the extent to which we can feel good and do well each minute, hour, day, week, and year of our lives.

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Psychological Safety (1-1.5 hours):

In this masterclass we’ll define psychological safety and talk about how to increase it in your
teams and workplace. We’ll also introduce you to tools that will help you or others move
from a judgement mindset to a curiosity mindset.

Program Testimonials

Julie has such a beautifully authentic approach to her sessions,

making it personable, fun and informative.

Coates Participant

6 Ways to Wellbeing

The content was awesome, and Julie’s presentation was always engaging and informative.

8Squad Participant

How to Embrace Struggle

Julie is a great facilitator and expertly gets people to be vulnerable and feel safe.  

Coats Participant

6 Ways to Wellbeing

Julie provided really detailed content that was broken down in a way that could be easily

absorbed by a diverse audience, allowing each individual to take out the best bits to suit their personal needs. 

Coates Participant

6 Ways to Wellbeing

I thoroughly enjoyed session, and it was great to share a little bit of

emotional honesty with my colleagues. Julie’s style is calm and compassionate.

Coats Participant

6 Ways to Wellbeing

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    We’re based in North Sydney, Australia and acknowledge the Cammeraygal peoples as the traditional owners of this land. We recognize their connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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    Lemon Co was created to help you make your change, the way you want, in a really people-centered way.

    My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style

    Maya Angelou

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